SIPOA Earns Sustainable Planning Award from Audubon International

SIPOA’s Board President, Ed Houff, added: “The Sustainable Planning Award from Audubon International is an exceptional milestone – Seabrook Island is the first private community in South Carolina to complete Stage 2 of the Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program. Our success is due not only to the support and commitment of the Seabrook Island Property Owners, but also to the tireless work of many individuals, including especially SIPOA Executive Director Heather Paton; Jim Bannwart, Carl Voelker, and community focus group leaders Jody Turner, Dave Osborn, Larry Buchman, Warren Kimball, Barry Shedrow, Dennis Nagy and Lee Weber; and Planning Committee chair Dan Kortvelesy, and committee members Lynn Crane and Ron Schildge. This was truly a total community effort!”

Since joining the program six years ago, Seabrook Island has brought together the efforts of residents, local and regional organizations, businesses, and community management. These partners have addressed priority projects under 14 focus areas such as resource use and environment. Within each focus area, goals such as food sourcing and waste reduction have yielded action items that were adopted by the community. Seabrook Island, with help from all of the partners, has begun to implement the action items listed in the adopted long-range sustainability plan.

Some projects areas include:

“Seabrook Island has made tremendous strides in prioritizing community challenges, harnessing the power of partnerships, and compiling a strategic sustainability plan with reachable goals that will have a real and positive effect on the community and its residents,” says Jessica Latus, Director of Sustainable Communities at Audubon International. “Seabrook Island should be rightfully proud of earning this well-deserved award.”

Photo by Charley Moore